Eight Week Mindfulness Course

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction ( MBSR) Eight week course


Huw Teaching Mindfulness 


Mindfulness is a way of bringing us back in touch with ourselves and the world around us.

Eight Week Mindfulness Course


The Eight week course is effective for those people who want to learn how to reduce and manage their levels of stress and improve their physical and psychological health.
The combined insights gained from mindfulness practices together with current scientific breakthroughs in understanding how the brain works, show how we can use our
mind as a powerful and effective force to bring positive change and promote increased health, wellbeing and happiness for ourselves and others.

The eight week mindfulness - based stress reduction course is simple and easy to follow, gently leading you on your journey of mindfulness experience and change. The course draws from the MBSR model as developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn who pioneered the integration of mindfulness into mainstream settings.

The course is practical and experiential and involves a range of tools including mindfulness meditation practices, simple mindful exercises, together with discussion and ways to further develop your mindfulness in everyday life. The Course runs over eight sessions of 2 hours once a week and later on in the course includes one full day.

At the beginning of the mindfulness course you will receive a work book designed to support you through your eight week journey. The contents are designed in a weekly format, so that after the sessions you can read through the relevant section, reflect and make notes on your experiences and insights, what you may have noticed or learnt. These are to help you integrate your experiences into your everyday life.

Huw Griffiths Teaching Mindfulness


During the weekly sessions there will be opportunity for you, should you wish and feel inspired, to contribute some of your reflections and experiences both of the previous class and the home study. There is no obligation, however for you to join in, if you feel you do not wish to.

Home Practice Practice is the Key!During the Eight week course I ask and encourage you to commit to the home practice every day for 10-20minutes. This may seem like a large slice of time to find in your hectic day. You may already feel the pressure of obligations and musts and you may think ‘No way, 20 mins haven’t got it!’ However the discipline of practice is the key to the transformation you will be undertaking.

One class of 2 hrs a week needs to be followed through with home practice in order to be fully effective. During the course should you experience any difficulties, or problems relating to the course I will be available to talk to you before and after each session or by phone between the sessions : Huw on 07787870841 #

Mindfulness enhances our ability to recognise and respond to life events in positive ways,

rather than to react in ways that are habitual, unconscious and often not good for mental

and physical health and wellbeing.


Course cost £225